Economic impact of policy main concern for deer farmers

Jun 21, 2024

Deer farmers’ main concern around climate change policy is the economic impact of imposed costs on their businesses. It was the major topic of debate at the recent NZ Deer Farmers Association (NZDFA)’s South Canterbury/North Otago (SCNO) branch’s annual meeting in Geraldine.

NZDFA’s Mark Tapley, farm manager for Peel Forest Estate.

SCNO branch chair Mark Tapley says the issue has “profoundly affected our branch.”

The meeting included a presentation from DINZ environmental stewardship manager Luka Jansen, which had sparked “significant discussion about its economic impact on deer farmers, who are already under considerable financial stress due to increasing operational costs,” he says.

The targets set in the current legislation, “are unrealistic and the science behind them is flawed. Increasing compliance and costs will cripple our industry, which is already teetering on the edge,” Tapley says.

“As the largest NZDFA branch in New Zealand, we are determined to lobby alongside other NZDFA branches and DINZ to ensure our voices are heard."

Jansen had presented details of the most recent joint submission from DINZ and B+LNZ to the Climate Change Commission (CCC). She reports the members were “very engaged and interested” in the climate change debate. A post-meeting survey found their main concern is, “the economic impact of the costs imposed on their businesses.”

As indicated by Tapley, they are also, “very keen for strong communications from DINZ and NZDFA back to the government on the topic,” she says.

Jansen will be talking to other farmers in coming months, keeping a close eye on the Coalition Government’s reset in the climate change area and building on DINZ’s strategy as policy unfolds.

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For more information contact: DINZ environmental stewardship manager Luka Jansen,, phone 0217-462 3440.


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