Droughts – how to survive the dry

Droughts can be tough on farmers, farms and their animals. Unfortunately, with climate disruption, they may become more frequent. They are also predicted to occur in regions that have been previously be seen as summer-safe.

The good news is that, with good drought management, young females will reach mating weights on time and hinds will have a good fawning next season. Stags will continue to produce great velvet.

To do this, it’s important for farmers to take control of their situation and to have a plan for what they will do if the drought continues. They also need to ensure they have enjoyable activities and social engagement off their farm. Good mental health is essential for surviving – and ideally thriving in – the stress of the dry.

What to do when drought strikes
Deer management
Pasture management
Feeding supplements
When the drought breaks
Look after yourself
Drought-proofing your farm
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