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2018 Deer Industry Conference

15, 16 & 17 May 2018

Caroline Bay, Timaru

Feed Cost Comparer

Is it better value to feed peas or silage? What's the cents per mj/me of oats?

MSD 2018 Deer Industry Photo Competition

Entries are now open for this year's competition!

Photo by Denise Pawsey, winner 2017 

Deer Industry Regional Workshops

Come and hear what Advance Party groups near you have been working on over the past year

Shed examples for new standards

Typical older style deer shed that requires clean zones.

Approved maintenance compounds

From MPI website and as advised by MPI (codes C31, C37, C38, C41 & C44 are approved for velvetting facilities).

New Zealand Deer Industry Initiatives

  • Advance Parties

    Deer farmers finding new ways to lift profit.

  • NZ Venison

    NZ venison products, recipes and more

  • NZ Deer Velvet

    Learn more about NZ Velvet & Co-Products

  • DEERSelect

    Deer Select

    A genetic evaluation system to advance NZ deer herd genetics

  • P2P

    Transforming the New Zealand venison industry