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P2P Regional workshops

P2P Regional Workshops bring Advance Parties (APs) together with other deer farmers for a public meeting to work on specific farming topics to help improve farm profit and performance.

A P2P Regional Workshop is an opportunity for Advance Parties (APs) to showcase what they have been working on and for attendees to work together with other deer farmers on specific production focused topics.

Regional workshops

These workshops are an integral part of the P2P programme and are intended to be public events open to farmers, other rural professionals and farming media.

A P2P Regional Workshop should encourage engagement between AP members and the invited attendees, with the farmers sharing their practical experiences to help improve attendees’ deer farming operations. 

A guide for organising a P2P Regional Workshops can be viewed here >>

Workshops will be listed when confirmed on ap.org.nz/regional-workshops or check under the "Events" tab above.

Southland Environment Advance Party Regional Workshop 13 August 2020: Wintering Barn Costs

Wintering deer indoors can be a good way to help protect pastures and reduce soil and nutrient losses. But what of the costs? David Stevens, AgResearch, has crunched the numbers based on the real-world experience of members of the Southland Environment Advance Party. He looks at capital and ongoing costs, in both economic and environmental terms. He also compares winter housing with conventional winter crop management.

To download, click here >>

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