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DINZ news in brief - 20 August 2021

Aug 20, 2021

The NZ farmed deer industry is renowned for its innovation and the quality and diversity of its products. Deer Industry New Zealand (DINZ) works with others to enhance this reputation and to promote the interests of all industry participants.

Covid-19 Level 4 – it’s not business as usual
Reduce the risk of Covid transmission
Need to go to town to pick up some drench?
Great vibes from up the coast
Overseer still useful despite bad rap
Tony Pearse retiring
Are you still on a slippery slope?
Helping you to calculate your GHG number
So what should a GHG management plan look like?
Answer to our methane woes?
The latest gen on parasite control
SFF embraces regen demand
Disease decimates fawns in California deer herds
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