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AGMs and branch chairs’ meetings

Here you can find information about past NZDFA Annual General Meetings and Branch Chairs meetings. To find out what events are coming up in the industry, visit the main events page >>

The annual general meeting is usually combined into the annual deer industry conference.


2021 Invercargill 46th AGM: View the minutes in the 2021/22 NZDFA Annual Report >> Coming soon

2020 Virtual 45th AGM: View the minutes in the 2020/21 NZDFA Annual Report >>

2019 Wellington 44th AGM: View the minutes in the 2019/20 NZDFA Annual Report >>

2018 Timaru 43rd AGM: View the minutes in the 2018/19 NZDFA Annual Report >>

2017 Wellington 42nd AGM: View the minutes in the 2017/18 NZDFA Annual Report >>

2016 Dunedin 41st AGM: View the minutes in the 2016/17 NZDFA Annual Report >>

2015 Napier 40th AGM: View minutes in the 2015/16 NZDFA Annual Report >>

2014 Methven 39th AGM: View the minutes in the 2014/15 NZDFA Annual Report >>

2013 Wellington 38th AGM: View the minutes in the 2013/14 NZDFA Annual Report >>

2012 Wanaka 37th AGM: View the minutes in the 2012/13 NZDFA Annual Report >>

2011 Timaru 36th AGM: View the minutes in the 2011/12 NZDFA Annual Report >>

2010 Napier 35th AGM: View the minutes in the 2010/11 NZDFA Annual Report >>

2009 Palmerston North 34th AGM: View the meeting minutes >>

2008 Invercargill 33rd AGM: View the minutes in the 2008/09 NZDFA Annual Report >>

2007 Hamilton 32nd AGM: View the minutes in the 2007/08 NZDFA Annual Report >>

2006 Christchurch 31st AGM: View the minutes in the 2006/07 NZDFA Annual Report >>

Branch chairs meet twice a year with the main meeting in October and a shorter meeting in May, immediately prior to the AGM. The annual October meeting brings together NZDFA Executive Committee members and branch chairs with DINZ Board members and staff.

As well as discussions on NZDFA affairs, the meetings include updates from DINZ executives, keynote speakers and guest speakers from associated organisations.

As part of its leadership programme in association with DINZ, NZDFA brings “New Faces”, to the meeting, with support from the Ian Spiers Memorial Trust.

Reports on the October branch chairs’ meetings can be found in the December issue of Deer Industry News >>

New Faces programme

Between 6–10 NZDFA branch nominees are funded to participate in the “New Faces” programme. They are hosted at the NZDFA branch chairs’ meeting each October and are encouraged to attend the deer industry conference the following May.

The initiative brings new, interested people into contact with industry leaders, with the views of a younger generation while broadening the next generation’s understanding of the deer industry beyond the farm gate.

New Faces candidates are encouraged to do further leadership training, such as the Kellogg Rural Leadership Course.

If you or one of your team are interested in the New Faces initiative, please contact the chair of your local NZDFA branch >>

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