Forage Rotation Planner

Forage Rotation Planner

A guide to forage rotation for deer.  Establishing appropriate spring, summer autumn and winter forage rotations depending upon the degree of desired cropping intensity.

Once you have decided that a paddock needs replacing, use this forage planner as a guide to the options that are available.  Particularly the options to drill in additional forage options into existing pasture

Plantain and White Clover will run out after around three years, over-sowing with Italian ryegrass, white clover and plantain will prolong the pasture for another couple of seasons before re-cultivation is needed.

Options also include guidance for the transition to longer-term pastures, for example, using Chicory and White clover for 2 ½ years before transitioning to perennial grass mixes.

! Note that the options that are preceded by the ! are susceptible to herbicides - so seek advice prior to planting.

 At the STOP sign, return to the start, to spray out the paddock and start again from clean soil.

 deer forage planner

Download an A4 version of the planner <<here >>

Once you have worked out what to use, here's a handy Paddock Planner that can be used to record what is going where, when << Download Here >>

paddock pad

Please see a link below to a presentation from Allister Moorhead and Glenn Judson, Senior Agronomists from Agricom for more information on Forage Systems for targeted deer production.

This was presented at the Deer Industry Conference in 2016 held in Dunedin. To download a pdf version of the presentation click << here >>.

Video of the presentation of the above can be found << here >>