VelTrak is an online database storing information about the supply of tagged whole sticks of velvet.

Food safety traceability compliance

VelTrak has been developed by Deer Industry New Zealand for New Zealand velvet industry participants to easily comply with farm to packhouse product traceability requirements found in the Regulated Control Scheme for Deer Velvet Harvest ('RCS').  VelTrak's tracing features may also be used by velvet packhouses, processors and exporters to comply with their traceability requirements.


Electronic Velvet Status Declarations (VSDs)

Besides identifying the whereabouts of whole velvet sticks of interest, or the passage through the supply chain of associated sticks, VelTrak will be used to compile electronic regulatory documentation associated with consignments of velvet for animal welfare and food safety purposes (velvet status declarations).  VelTrak will bring an end to the transcription of identifying information about a shipment of velvet onto a piece of paper and the exchange of pieces of paper.  The contents of these documents will now be created and stored electronically and be instantly searchable.  Here is an example of a printable e-VSD.

Integration with RCS shed audit database

VelTrak is integrated with the deer industry database of farmer compliance with the RCS.  Velvet tags cannot be allocated in the system to non-compliant farms nor can VSDs be created.  These features will strengthen the quality assurances made by buyers and exporters of velvet.  

Market checker tool

Customers will be able to check that a stick of velvet has come from New Zealand and is compliant regarding food safety rules on veterinary medicine withholding, animal welfare  at velvet harvesting and hygiene/cold chain management by entering a stick's ID tag number into a checker tool and seeing the result instantly.

Bespoke design and testing

The software that allows VelTrak users to populate the database with data and access velvet transaction data relevant to their business has been created specifically for the New Zealand industry by an IT solutions company specialising in primary sector delivery.  Similarly, the selection and testing of hardware (fixed and handheld scanning operators) and barcode formats has been made specifically for our product with the assistance from the New Zealand company that is the global leader in UHF scanning technology.   DINZ has spent many hours showing the technicians how different players in the supply chain operate to ensure that all facets of supply chain operation are catered for.  DINZ has also tested all aspects of VelTrak rigorously with different user types.

Confidentiality and data access

We have built VelTrak to mimic the confidentiality conventions inherent in the existing velvet supply chain.  It is a "one-up, one-down" traceability system as mandated by New Zealand food safety law, so users will only see data pertaining to the business from which they received velvet and any business to whom they supplied velvet.  Customers in the market will not see the farm origin of velvet at this stage.  When users log on to VelTrak, their interface and the actions they can carry out will be particular to their type of user.  For instance, only veterinary practices will be able to allocate velvet tags to farmers and only farmers will be able to approve draft VSDs. 


Strategic benefits of online traceability

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UHF chipped identification tag


November 2020 - February 2021

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