Feed calculation tools

Feed calculation tools

There are several useful tools for measuring and managing feed for deer. 
Do you have enough silage to get your hinds through the winter? Is there enough saved pasture for your stags after button drop? How much feed do you need to get young stags to target slaughter weights in spring? 
These tools will help answer these questions.

Deer Feeding Calculator - calculates intake and allocation required to hit target weights by defined dates.


Pasture measurement guidelines -basic step by step guide

Crop yields - How to calcluate the feed available in a crop 

Swardsticks -Tools to use when measuring pasture or crops such as swardsticks and where to find these 

Is it better value to feed peas or silage?
What's the cents per mj/me of oats?

Simple guidelines to measure feed availability in crops

Feed Calculation AP to assist with growth rate calculations for hinds and weaners