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Covid-19 information

Resources and information for managing your business under COVID-19 alert levels.

We all have a role to play in getting more people vaccinated. Let’s get back to doing the things we love. Everyone aged 12 years and over can get their free COVID-19 vaccination now. 

Information for managing your business during the COVID-19 Level 4 Alert

Farming and the growing of food, production, transport, processing and sale of food and beverage is recognised as an essential service. This includes the provision of services essential to farmers and growers operating their businesses. Please don't treat this like a normal day on-farm, activities that can be deferred for 4 weeks must be. Please undertake essential jobs only.

COVID-19 (coronavirus) information and advice | COVID-19 (coronavirus) information and advice | NZ Government (mpi.govt.nz)

Keep Safe

1. Guidance for farmers: Keep your family and your workers safe:

Please encourage your workers and your family to take this seriously. Avoid contact with people who are unwell, maintaining a 2-metre distance between staff at all times and increase personal hygiene measures.

The most important measure to take is to wear a mask to stop transmission

Guidance for farm businesses on steps that should be taken to keep farmers and workers safe can be viewed here: Guidance for farmers: Safe working plans >>

Safe work practices during Alert Level 4 | COVID-19 (coronavirus) information and advice | NZ Government (mpi.govt.nz)

2. Essential Services:

These include:

  • Livestock and primary produce transporters
  • Veterinary service providers
  • Feed/Fodder transporters
  • Feed and supplement manufacturers, processors, suppliers and stores
  • Manufacturers and distributors of animal medicines
  • Pet shops and services
  • Animal control
  • Workers caring for animals in containment
  • Rural contractors who are providing essential services that cannot be deferred over the next four weeks, especially for animal welfare purposes (artificial insemination technicians; stock agents managing and directing stock movements; winter re-grassing for feed; fertiliser supply and application; shearing where necessary for animal welfare)
  • Fertiliser manufacture and distribution

Goods that are essential for animal welfare or business operation can be delivered during this period if they cannot be deferred for 4 weeks. At this point in time there is no government list of unapproved activities, but good judgment and worker safety must take priority.  

A condition of delivering any items is that the suppliers must have registered with the Safe Businesses website if they have 5 or more workers, and all good practices to ensure worker safety is strictly adhered to. 

Contractors coming onto the farm
In most situations it is much easier for you to keep your distance – 2 metres will be easy – 200 metres even better.

Contractors should be able to arrive on their own, do the job without you being close and leave without contact – use the phone to give instructions.

3. Alert Level 4 Business Movement Declaration

At Alert Level 4, Police have the power to stop people who are not undertaking essential business. Travel for workers and contractors will be helped if they are carrying a letter from their employer describing the nature of their business. For an example you could use this template, click here to automatically download >>

4. Extension to NAIT timeframes

OSPRI have extended NAIT reporting timeframes reflecting the fact that the Contact Centre will be operating at reduced capacity (8am – 4.30pm) during Covid-19 Alert Level 4.

  • Time to register as a PICA/PICA delegate extends from 48 hours to five business days.
  • Declaration of a movement extends from 48 hours to five business days.
  • Animal exit declaration extends from 48 hours to five business days.
  • PICAs receiving untagged animal - timeframe to tag the animal extends from 48 hours to five business days.
  • NAIT accreditation standards, and tag manufacturer/device standard - all reporting and error notification (various timeframes) extend to five business days.

The reporting timeframes have been extended for another two weeks (from 2 September
gazette.govt.nz/notice/id/2021-gs3774 >>)

Keep up to date with the latest information at ospri.co.nz/news-and-events/extension-to-nait-timeframes/

5. Above all Keep Safe

Keep safe and keep clear.

Make sure everybody in your and your employees’ house keeps a 2-metre distance from others as much as possible.

If you or someone you know needs some help with managing this stressful situation, we encourage you to reach out to your friends, networks, professional colleagues or support lines.

FarmStrong >>

Rural Support Trust >>

Rural vaccination sites

A interactive PDF map of the rural vaccination sites throughout the country can be viewed and/or downloaded here >>

Everyone aged 12 and over can book their free COVID-19 vaccination now. Book online with at bookmyvaccine.covid19.health.nz

If you can't see the PDF, here are the direct links to each DHB region:

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Information for managing your business under the COVID-19 alert levels
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