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11 May 2017

North Canterbury Advance Party farmer Lyndon Matthews has used AI to breed prime red weaners that are out the gate by the end of November. Now he’s turned his kill strategy on its head by keeping his fastest growing weaners on the farm longer, making more profit. 

11 May 2017

Farming sustainably, while increasing farm profits, is the latest challenge to face all land users. How to achieve it is a major topic at the 2017 Deer Industry Conference in Wellington on 26 & 27 May.

11 May 2017 farmers and their partners find the “next big thing for their business” is a key goal of the 2017 Deer Industry Conference. Delegates are encouraged to bring their partners as there will be a strong focus on building successful farmer and spouse management teams.

11 May 2017

Feedback from the market is one of the most popular sessions at each industry conference. This year a keynote speaker will be Jan Kunz of Luiten Foods which has been at the forefront of Cervena market development in the Netherlands as part of the P2P programme.