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12 Apr 2017

Cervena® venison is being marketed in Germany during the northern hemisphere summer as part of a market development trial.  DINZ venison marketing manager Marianne Wilson says the trial, while relatively small, is symbolically very important.

12 Apr 2017

Farm Environment Plans (FEPs) are probably the most effective way farmers have to demonstrate that they are farming in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner, says DINZ environmental policy manager Lindsay Fung.

12 Apr 2017

Wintering hinds on swedes can sometimes be associated with a lower fawning rate as a result of foetal loss, possibly due to toxins in the crop and/or insufficient protein in the diet. While this did not occur in AgResearch feeding trials last winter, farmers are still advised to take the ‘usual precautions’ when feeding hinds on the crop.

16 Mar 2017

New hygiene standards will apply to the harvest, storage and transport of velvet from next season.  The standards need to be applied on all farms where velvet is collected, not just where farmers are registered velvetters under the National Velvetting Standards Body.