Photo Competition Results Page

Photo Competition Results Page

Results of the 2016 MSD Animal Health Deer Industry Photographic Competition
1st Place and runner-up People's Choice: Tony Roberts with "Morning Watch"
2nd Place: Demi Lawrence with "Land of milk and honey"
3rd Place and People's Choice Winner: Emma Coutts with "Domestics over who's leading the sleigh"
Highly Commended: Denise Pawsey with "Nothing like a great sunrise" and Demi Lawrence with "Curiosity"
1st Place and runner-up People's ChoiceTony Roberts Morning Watch
2nd PlaceDemi Lawrence Land of milk and honey
3rd Place and People's Choice winnerEmma Coutts Domestics over whos leading the sleigh
Highly CommendedDenise Pawsey Nothing like a great sunrise
Highly CommendedDemi Lawrence Curiosity
More pictures can be viewed in the Photo Gallery Here
Results of the 2015 MSD Animal Health Deer Industry Photographic Competition

1st Place
: Nick Aubrey with "NZ Farmed Deer Brothers"
2nd Place: Ian Scott with "Foresight-sky's the limit"
3rd Place: Melissa Stone with "Ruapehu through 208s antlers" 

Peoples Choice Winner: Janey Hayes with "Inquisitive ghosts"
Peoples Choice Runner up:
Glenys Travers with "Bird watching"
Highly Recommended: Aimee Stodart with "Hinds waiting for their balage", Tony Chittock with "Yes i'm 106" and I & R Evans with "We've got op tucker at Upper Takaka"
Results of the 2014 Bayer Deer Industry Photo Competition
1st place: Angela Blair with "Mirror Image"
2nd place: Maggie WIlliams with "Its hard to live in a place like this but someone has to do it!"
3rd place: Tony Cochrane with "Its Tag Number 5861 Dad"

Peoples Choice Winner: Angela Blair with "Mirror Image"
Peoples Choice second place Glenys Travers with "You're starting to piss me off!"

Highly Recommended: Angela McIntyre with "Cuddles with mum", Tony Roberts with "Eyes Right" and Duncan Humm with "Autumn morning chasing grain trolley" 


Results of the 2013 Bayer Deer Industry Photo Competition

1st place: Maree Hogg with "Trust and Innocence"   
2nd place: Tony Roberts with "Sunset Stroll"
3rd place: Richard Hilson with "Where is the Photographer"

Peoples Choice: Bill Payne with "The Three Musketdeers"