P2P - A Deer Industry Initiative

P2P - A Deer Industry Initiative

Where are we now?

Maturing as an industry has brought with it a range of benefits. It also carries with it the risk of losing the urge to change and adapt. In short:

  1. We need to generate more profit to attract new investment;
  2. We need to attract new farmers to take the place of the pioneers
  3. Other land use options are improving their production efficiency more quickly than we are.
  4. Competing venison producers in Europe are copying our techniques and chasing our markets.

To address these issues, we need to do two things: improve our marketing, so that the industry earns more from each kilo of venison it produces and increase farm productivity, so that venison production is more profitable, resilient and competitive as a land use.

The way we are doing this is through our Passion2Profit strategy.

New Zealand’s five major venison marketing companies, the New Zealand Deer Farmers’ Association and Deer Industry New Zealand (DINZ) have agreed to work together to transform the New Zealand venison industry.

An Advance Party is…a well-supported, group of motivated deer farmers who identify and implement focused opportunities to lift profit on their individual farms which are consistent with P2P and its mission of More deer, heavier, earlier & better.

The Passion2Profit programme aims to grow and capture the full value available to New Zealand by collaboratively positioning farm-raised venison in new markets as a premium non-seasonal meat, and by better aligning supply with demand.