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Velvet antler is 'the deer antler during its phase of rapid growth', and it gets the name ‘velvet‘ because of its velvet-like covering of hair.

It is important that farmers understand normal behaviour in their deer in order to manage this unique animal (in a farmed sense).

Maintaining good deer health is crucial to maximising production gains in your herd.

Reproductive productivity of the breeding herd is central to productivity to deer farming in New Zealand.

Genetics is one of the fundamental drivers of improving industry productivity. The industry is well served by a variety of commercial stud breeders and artificial breeding companies.

Weaning is the physical separation of calves from the hinds so that the calves are no longer dependent on their mothers for food (milk) and security.

Deer Facts

DINZ now publishes Deer Fact sheets. Each one is a summary of the latest information about topics relating to profitable deer farm management. Check out the Deer Facts that have been published so far >>