Sustainable Deer Farming Videos

Sustainable Deer Farming Videos

NZ Landcare Trust has worked with deer farmers to capture examples of excellent sustainable land and water management from around the country. This information has been distilled into fifteen short videos:

Series 1 - 'Best Practice on Deer Farms'

'Best Practice on Deer Farms' series features deer farmers in Central Hawkes Bay and aims to capture examples of industry practices that are helping to improve the environment.

Agriculture is going through a transition, moving towards more sustainable farm management systems. The challenge is to make the changes as easy as possible for farmers and landowners. To that end, information is key and that's what this series of movie clips provides for deer farmers.

A key focus are on farm is around soil and water management and the challenge of reducing nutrient losses on different types of country - these clips provide a few solutions.
Other important topics covered include catchment management, shelterbelts, gully management to reduce nutrient loss, measures to improve water quality and biodiversity, and animal health.

1. Best Practice on Deer Farms: Catchment Management

2. Best Practice on Deer Farms: Shelterbelts in Central Hawkes Bay

3. Best Practice on Deer Farms: Gully management to reduce nutrient loss

4. Best Practice on Deer Farms: Measures to improve water quality and biodiversity

5. Best Practice on Deer Farms: Animal health


Series 2 - 'Adoption of Best Practice'

Following on from last year's successful series of movie clips highlighting sustainable deer farming, a follow up series has been released and is designed to provide a snapshot of the work deer farmers in Canterbury are undertaking to reduce environmental risks.

The 'Adoption of Best Practice' series consists of five videos each of which focuses on a different area - particularly the management of water and water quality and how the featured farmers manage their properties to improve local waterways.

Each of the farmers also has to cope with drought conditions so the Trust gathered information from each and distilled it into a single video dedicated to this important subject. This should be of interest to a number of farmers.

1. Adoption of best practice: Managing drought

2. Adoption of best practice: Managing risks on a Canterbury extensive high country property

3. Adoption of best practice: Managing environmental risks in North Canterbury 

4. Adoption of best practice: Managing irrigation risks in a dry climate 

5. Adoption of best practice: Managing soil & water and riparian management 


Series 3 - 'Sustainable Deer Farming: Good Practices in Waikato & Southland'

The final five videos from Waikato and Southland join the ten previously released (Hawke's Bay and Canterbury) to create an informative video based resource.

1. Deer Farm Good Practices: Benefits of Land Environment Plans

2. Deer Farm Good Practices: Developing a deer block using good practice

3. Deer Farm Good Practices: Farm succession

4. Deer Farm Good Practices: Benefits of riparian management

5. Deer Farm Good Practices: Actions to improve water quality

These videos are part of a three year Sustainable Farming Fund project to promote greater adoption of environmental best practice on deer farms. More information about the project can be found on the project page>