Deer Facts

Deer Facts

Deer Facts binder folderDeer Farming Resource Kit
Deer Facts are up-to-date sources of practical information for everyone involved in deer farm management. They are published to help NZ deer farmers run profitable, resilient and sustainable farming businesses as part of the Passion2Profit (P2P) strategy.

The first Deer Facts were published in September 2015. New and updated Deer Facts are published regularly and are being circulated to deer farmers and others involved in deer farm management on request. To subscribe to the print editions, email with your postal address and occupation.

Each Deer Fact sheet has been checked for technical accuracy, but DINZ cannot take responsibility for decisions based on their content.
If in doubt, seek professional advice. 

Best practice pregnancy scanning
DEERSelect: the importance of genetic improvement

Exoctic diseases: take the risk seriously

Fence pacing: costs and solutions
Protecting waterways from wallow and feed pad run-off

Staying safe: safe management of deer
Transport of deer in New Zealand

Facial eczema

Internal parasites
Johne's disease

Management for profit
Best practice management of pregnant hinds
Best practice mating management

Best practice weaning management
Growing weaners for the spring venison market 
Setting reproduction targets

Drought feeding and supplements
Feeding hinds for maximum fawn growth
Feeding stags for optimal velvet production
Growing weaners faster with better autumn feeding


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This resource has been produced as part of the Passion2Profit programme, a Primary Growth Partnership cofunded by Deer Industry New Zealand and the Ministry for Primary Industries.