At a glance industry statistics

At a glance industry statistics


 Deer Industry Statistics Year ending September 2015
 Total farmed deer (estimate at June 2015)907,682
 Hinds mated (estimate at June 2015)432,275 
 Fawns born & alive at 4 months (estimate at June 2015)348,787
 FOB revenue $255 million
 Venison (tonne, exported)14,869
 Venison export value (NZD, FOB) $174 million
 Velvet (tonne, exported)572
 Velvet export value (NZD, FOB)$39.1 million
 Co-products (tonne. exported)4,125
 Co-products export value (NZD, FOB) $27.7 million

Sources: Statistics New Zealand & Deer Industry New Zealand

(FOB = Free On Board)

New Zealand exports an array of products derived from farmed deer.  Hides and Deer Leather are exported to manufacturers of high quality leather goods.  Deer Co-Products include items for medicinal use in oriental medicine, as well as the bones and fat from deer.  Venison is the main export for the industry, earning around 70% to 80% of the industry revenues.  Deer velvet is a valuable export with many farmers specialising in producing this unique product.


Total Deer Industry Export Revenue (YE Sept, NZD millions)
Co-Products $17.7 $19.6 $21.5 $28.1 $27.7
Hides and Leather $23.8$22.9 $24.5 $16.7 $14.1
Velvet $25.5 $28.0 $23.8 $27.9 $39.1
Venison $210.5 $198.1 $183.3 $180.9 $174.4
Total $277.5 $268.5 $253.0 $253.6 $255.2
Source: Statistics New Zealand